The Jamarah or stoning the Shaitan is an integral part of Hajj. Jamarah were at first three tall pillars in Mina. Since 2004 it has been replaced by high walls to avoid accidents. One way bridge has also been built to facilitate pilgrims to pelt the Jamarah either from the bridge or from the ground. The three walls or Jamarah are known as; Jamarah-al-Oola or Jamarah-e-Sughra, Jamarah-al-Wusta, and Jamarah-al-Uqbah. Stoning of Jamarah starts on the 10th and continues until 13th of Dhu-al-Hajj. On the first day, only Jamarah-al-Uqbah is pelted with seven pebbles. On the 11th, 12th and 13th of Dhu-al-Hajj all three Jamarah to be pelted in sequence; Jamarah-al-Oola, Jamarah-al-Wusta, and Jamarah-al-Uqbah with seven pebbles each.

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