The chief graveyard of Madinah is known as ‘Jannah-tul-Baqee’ or “Maqbara-tul-Baqee”. It enjoys the status of being the first Muslim graveyard of Madinah. Several family members of our beloved Prophet (pbuh) have been buried in this graveyard. Maqbaratul Baqee is the final resting place of several thousand Sahabahs of Our Prophet (pbuh). Many other well-known devout Muslims have the honour of being buried here, too. The site for graveyard was selected by Our Prophet (pbuh) himself soon after he migrated to Madinah when one of his Ansar Sahabah, as ‘ad Bin Zararah (ra) passed away. The graveyard is close to the Masjid-e-Nabawi.

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